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All wholesale stockists are supplied with a cardboard display box which is free of charge to keep the pouches organised and they also make a great display. The display holds an assortment of 30 pouches.  Retailers can either order our  most popular full set or they are more than welcome to choose their own unique  assortment across the 8 different prints.

All stockists are required to purchase the full box of 30 pouches + Postage of $17.15 per box, upon their first order and asked to keep their box topped up at all times. Barchy will be in regular contact to assist in the reordering of more pouches.

Full set breakdown:
3 x Cloudy skies
3 x Going bananas
4 x Confetti
3 x Its a bugs life
3 x Sailing away
5 x Birdy num num
4 x Watermelon sorbet
5 x Dachshunds





For wholesale and all other enquiries please contact: claire@barchy.com.au or fill out the form below to enquire about becoming up a wholesaler for Barchy.

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